Strengthening families and fighting for the fatherless.

Strenghtening families and fighting for the fatherless.


Jonathan and Celeste Barnard are the Executive Directors of Big Red Ministries. Together they have worked in Youth and Children's Ministry all fifteen years of marriage and even while dating. (This will be change to a mission statement)


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We have hosted Daycamps for more than 15 years and have worked with thousands of kids but we measure our impact one child at a time. One year on the first day of Daycamp a boy lied to us several times. He was also very clingy and demanded a lot of attention. By the end of the week he had made real progress but when he signed up for our overnight camp I wasn't sure it was a good idea. The second night of overnight camp I checked up on him. Of all the guys in his cabin he had the biggest smile as he told me "I'm having the best time ever". As he was packing to leave camp he asked if he could give Big Red a hug goodbye and as his car drove away Celeste looked at me with some tears in her eyes and said, "He is why we do this”. Each one matters to God and to us! We believe this approach helps us to have a big impact on kids and families now which are confident will also impact generations to come.

Many organizations that help families focus on parents. Our focus is kids. We have committed our lives to working with kids and our twenty years of experience has taught us that investing in kids provides the greatest impact. We host events and provide resources that appeal to children and to parents at the same time. We talk to kids about their relationship with their parents and we encourage the fatherless that God is a father to the fatherless. We are constantly looking for new ways to Strengthen Families and Fight for the Fatherless.


Our mission is to Strengthen Families and Fight for the Fatherless through fun and impacting camps, events, and resources. Our prayer is that God would turn the hearts of parents back to their children and the hearts of children back to their parents through the work our ministry does. We want to provide these camps, events, and resources at minimal costs so that financial pressure doesn't keep a family from what they need.


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SUMMER DAYCAMP June 19th - 23rd Ages: Graduated 1st - Graduated...

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Summer Camp July 26 to July 29

05:00 PM - 11:30 AM

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Family Campout

Chick-Fil-A Summer Day Camp

Golden Corral Summer Day Camp

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Family Campout

Chick-Fil-A Summer Day Camp

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