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As with most stories one page cannot contain it all. It is a growing story that we hope you become part of. Here is a summary and links to read more.

Big Red Ministries was born out of a 40 year dream to establish a Ranch, Farm, and Camp for families and kids in the Rio Grande Valley. My parents, Jimmy and Kay Barnard were born in the "RGV" and as kids attended camps and family camps at Mo Ranch and other camps hours away. At one of these camps my Grandmother Cecilia was encouraged by one of the speakers that her family did not have to be like the family she grew up in (one of alcoholism and anger). With God's help her family could be different. It was a moment that impacted her, her family, and even her grandchildren.

December 31, 2012 my wife and I left our stable ministry position, sold our house, and moved in with parents. We began with nothing but a vision to establish a ministry that God could use to turn the hearts of parents back to their kids and the hearts of kids back to their parents. We also wanted to be an expression of God's Father Heart for Fatherless kids. Here is a video from when we began: Join us in Fighting For the Fatherless. Here is a blog my wife, Celeste, wrote about stepping out to start Big Red: Father's Heart

The first four years were hard as we struggled to establish something from scratch but it also helped us learn to depend on God, gain advice and encouragement from those around us, and understand how important this ministry is. You can read about some of this process here: Starting Big Red

During these years we have added to the team. My sister, Faith, had heard about this dream since she was young. After college and a summer camp internship, she came to join the team. Big Red Ministries has an excellent board that has helped guide the ministry forward and a wonderful volunteer team who meet weekly. Click here to read about them. Together we plan and execute the events you can find at our Big Red Events Facebook Group.

Big Red Ministries also has a committed core of supporters we call Big Red Founders. These founders help us continue to establish Big Red's Ranch and grow the impact of this ministry to children and families. They are volunteers and donors who give of their time and resources to help Big Red Strengthen Families and Fight for the Fatherless.

In January 2014 we hosted our first official event on a 300 acre campground we now manage called Brand Christian Youth Camp. In September of 2015 we moved onto what we now call Big Red's Ranch, a 60 acre ranch in San Benito, Texas.

Moving onto Big Red's Ranch was a miracle and it's own story. The truth is "our story" has just begun and we hope you will be a part of it.


Big Red Ministries
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